Advanced Plan


Connections: 30 employers
Automatic Application: Yes
Refund clause: Yes
Salary range: Unlimited
Customer Support: Yes
Interview Guidance: Yes
Resume/ CV Creator: Yes

The Advanced Package offers an all-inclusive solution for individuals seeking a comprehensive and results-driven remote job search experience. This package is designed to provide you with enhanced opportunities, streamlined processes, and invaluable support. Here's what you can expect from our Advanced Plus Package:

Connections with 30 Employers: Gain access to an extensive network of 30 carefully selected employers actively seeking remote talent. Expand your professional connections and explore a wide range of remote job opportunities across various industries and sectors.

Automatic Application: Save time and effort with our automatic application feature. Seamlessly apply to multiple remote job openings with just a few clicks, increasing your chances of getting noticed by potential employers and maximizing your exposure.

Refund Clause: Rest assured with our refund clause. If, despite your active participation and utilization of our services, you are unable to secure a remote job within the specified timeframe, you may be eligible for a refund. Terms and conditions will be communicated to you at the time of purchase.

Unlimited Salary Range: Explore remote job opportunities with an unlimited salary range. Whether you're seeking competitive compensation or looking for high-paying positions, our Advanced Plus Package opens doors to a wide spectrum of salary possibilities.

Customer Support: Enjoy personalized and responsive customer support throughout your remote job search journey. Our dedicated team is here to assist you, address your inquiries, and provide guidance at every step of the way.

Interview Guidance: Benefit from our expert interview guidance. Access valuable resources, tips, and strategies to excel in remote job interviews. Enhance your interview skills, boost your confidence, and leave a lasting impression on potential employers.

Resume/CV Creator: Utilize our professional resume/CV creator tool to craft a standout document that showcases your skills and experience. Create a visually appealing and highly effective resume tailored for remote job applications, helping you make a strong impression on hiring managers.

Available job opportunities are:

1. Software Developer/Engineer
2. Web Developer
3. Mobile App Developer
4. Data Analyst/Scientist
5. UI/UX Designer
6. Digital Marketing Specialist
7. Content Writer/Copywriter
8. Virtual Assistant
9. Customer Support Representative
10. Project Manager
11. Graphic Designer
12. Social Media Manager
13. SEO Specialist
14. Online Tutor
15. Translator/Interpreter
16. Sales Representative
17. HR Specialist
18. Business Analyst
19. Financial Analyst
20. IT Support Specialist

With our Advanced Plus Package, you'll have the edge in the competitive remote job market. Broaden your connections, automate your applications, receive comprehensive support, and equip yourself with interview guidance and an exceptional resume. Supercharge your remote job search and unlock endless possibilities with RemoteGeng.