Basic Plan


Connections: 15 employers
Automatic Application: No
Refund clause: No
Salary range: 500$-2000$
Customer Support: Yes
Interview Guidance: No
Resume/CV Creator: No

The Basic Plan offers an enhanced remote job search experience with expanded connections and comprehensive support. This package is designed for individuals seeking a wider range of remote job opportunities. Here are the notable features of our Advanced Package:

Connections with 15 Employers: Gain access to a robust network of 15 carefully selected employers actively seeking remote professionals. Expand your reach and explore a diverse range of remote job prospects across various industries and fields.

Automatic Application: While automatic application is not included in this package, our platform provides a user-friendly interface to easily submit your applications manually. You can tailor each application to highlight your skills and qualifications effectively.

Refund Clause: Please note that this package does not include a refund clause. However, rest assured that our team is dedicated to supporting you throughout your job search journey and providing guidance to maximize your chances of success.

Salary Range: Explore remote job opportunities with a salary range typically spanning from $500 to $2000. Discover positions that align with your financial aspirations and reward your expertise.

Customer Support: Enjoy the benefits of dedicated customer support, ensuring a seamless experience throughout your remote job search. Our team is available to assist you with any inquiries or concerns that may arise.

Interview Guidance: While interview guidance is not provided in this package, our platform offers a wealth of resources, tips, and articles to help you prepare and excel in remote job interviews. Leverage our knowledge base to enhance your interview performance.

Resume/CV Creator: While resume/CV creation is not part of this package, our platform offers expert resume feedback and makeover services. Polish your existing resume to make a strong impression on potential employers in the remote job market.

Available job opportunities are:

1. Software Developer/Engineer
2. Web Developer
3. Mobile App Developer
4. Data Analyst/Scientist
5. UI/UX Designer
6. Digital Marketing Specialist
7. Content Writer/Copywriter
8. Virtual Assistant
9. Customer Support Representative
10. Project Manager
11. Graphic Designer
12. Social Media Manager
13. SEO Specialist
14. Online Tutor
15. Translator/Interpreter
16. Sales Representative
17. HR Specialist
18. Business Analyst
19. Financial Analyst
20. IT Support Specialist

With our Basic Package, you can expand your connections, explore a wider salary range, and access reliable customer support as you navigate the remote job market. Take your remote career aspirations to new heights with RemoteGeng.